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Nov 04, 2009
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There is power in numbers. Send your Direct TV complaints directly to:

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

SR VP, Customer Care

2230 E Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245


Consumers, UNITE! There IS power in numbers. Bombard, innundate Ms. Filipiak's office with your concerns and complaints. If there are as many as I believe there are, they will not be able to ignore them.

Additionally, I urge you to contact your Better Business Bureau (again, if they get enough complaints, they CAN do something about it) and contact your County Consumer Affairs office (contact name and address can be found on your local County website).

Stop these people from stealing our money and providing abominable service.

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3059 of 3700 Direct Tv Reviews

1 day ago

I turn on Sonic channel 808 in the evenings a lot. Every other song tonight 8/27/14 has been Willie Nelson and I'm not kidding. I have to keep changing the channel as that guy can't sing, a total of five songs in one hour so far. I don't expect anyone to care.

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Aug 25

Directtv wants your loyalty but has no problem "abandoning you". I have been a loyal customer since 2004! I recently had some issues with my roof. My insurance company sent an adjuster. The adjuster advised that the satellite was not properly mounted and that I should have it remounted to avoid further deterioration of my roof. Since I did not want to take the chance of any further damage and possible cancellation of my homeowners policy, I reluctantly called to cancel my service. Again, I have been with them since 2004!
After they failed to offer me another placement option for the satellite, I inquired as to when they would come to remove it from my roof. I was informed that they satellite "belonged" to me and that they could not have anyone come to remove it!!! REALLY.
However, they would gladly send someone if I was going to continue to pay them.
How dare you make mention of superior customer service. They are only nice to you as long as you are paying them money...AND to think, I was all broken up about having to switch! Thanks for making it so easy for me leave you guys!

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Golde locks

Aug 04

Had direct tv 6 years they didn't help when u had a issue sent out new box sigh for it didn't no I sighs 2 year again so said that it sent it all back sent bill for 700 dollors to me told them sue me not paying under hand bussiess dealings don't get direct tv in or home former customer

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Aug 04 Emporia, Virginia

I paid a bill for someone more than once and direct TV stole my money out my account for there early cancellation fee and now tell me I will not be refunded. If there is anyone out there reading this and would like to be in this lawsuit please respond. @

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Sunday dummy

Jul 29 Las Vegas, Nevada

Like a dummy, I schedule a technical appointment on Sunday, for the installation of Genie. I waited for the guy all Sunday, got no calls, no check from the company. A day later I find out that the technical wanted my gate code. I live on a private property and that's against the law for DTV to force me to help them like that. I told the representative that my gate was open all day. Eventually I find out that the technician went to a WRONG ADDRESS and called WRONG PH NUMBER.
FYI I have been trying to change my mail address with DTV for the past two years and now this is what happens.
On the other hand my channel guide shows that I have all channels, and when I select them it shows that I don't have that service. Of course I called in this regards, but no fix.
Just show me what I pay for!!!!
In the mean time, I am paying for a service I don't have and that's not ok with me.

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Jul 22 Blue Springs, Missouri

I don't know who reads this? I hope someone pretty close to the top. I am not going with an opinionated based complaint. Only facts I have worked with the public also. I do know that you really cannot please people 100% of the time. Direct T.V. did not take me for any money either. They billed me and I paid the bill. I examined the bill for any errors I could not find any. I DO have a gripe. I started receiving DTV after I ditched cable in 2009. I had the packages with movie channel and of course mine and everyone else's "Sunday ticket". If you are a football fan? We had a great relationship for 3.5 or close to 4 years. Even though sometimes customer service was spotty depending who answered your call or e-mail. Often the people on the other end actually appeared human like. So no problems there really.
Fast forward to July 2013. Due to the housing market crunch my home lost a lot of money. So I short sold it. It was the most logical thing to do at the time. I moved 35 miles to Blue Springs MO. We did all the transfer stuff after I found a decent duplex. Like my old home which direct tv worked with. I have a good size oak tree parked just south west of my home about 10 feet. I thought then they can work with it probably. When the technician arrived he informed me it would be very "tough" but he would try for line of sight. The only place he could put it was the front yard. My landlord says a big"NO" to dishes in the front as a lot of them do. All of a sudden I
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the mad man

Jul 17

My direct TV is a total nightmare because they don't do there work right only don't come on time and they say they busy and my 2 receiver do not work rite I might as well go some were else for got service and better assitance

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Jul 12

I've been living in a total nightmare since getting this genie system in March of 2013My home prewired to one closet. Only 2 of 7 televisions worked until last week. I have a hole in my roof that thebtech decided to put in my roof. He got frustrated and left the job and threw the saw he used in my pond. I cant get a hold of a complaint department. I get the run around and still expect me to pay my bill and refuse to let me out of my contract.

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Jun 17 Florence, South Carolina

No one seems to want to give the number to make an appt. for a service call!! All I need is for someone to move my box from one room to another. They keep trying to sell me a warranty plan that I already have and then when I tell ask them to just connect me to someone to schedule the appt they hang up on me!! This is soooo aggravating and they are sooo rude!!

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Jun 16 Lawrenceville, Georgia

Hello Ms. Filipiak,
My name is Michelle Poindexter. I received direct TV on June 3, 2014. Since the time I have received direct TV, I have been living a total nightmare. I have never in my life felt so robbed. When I initially signed up for direct TV, I was told I would have on demand in all my rooms. (not access to on demand.) Needless to say, I started calling your company to figure out the problem. The first call I was sent out a cinema kit. At the time the kit was sent out, I was ASSURED I would have on demand in all my bedrooms and I would be able to BROWSE my on demand in all my bedrooms.
I received the kit about two days later, set it up, and had problems w/ my satellite. I spoke w/ direct and they sent out a technician. I was told the only way to have on demand is to go down stairs, browse the on demand from the DVR, download what I want to "watch in the other rooms" and ONLY THEN will I have on demand in the other rooms. I think this is a sell out and a phony way to sell your product.
I contacted direct who advise me they could fix the issue for a small fee of $99. I told them this is not what I was told I was getting and technically I don't have on demand on all my TVS. Needless to say, I spoke w/ several reps and supervisors, I finally worked my way up to the corporate office. I spoke w/ Brittany who advised she could send out a tech or go ahead and switch my boxes out. I told her I am not looking for a hand me out. I just want my to be able to browse
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Jun 14 Dacula, Georgia

Just got off the phone with Directv regarding their Genie equipment. My main box is out AGAIN and I just want the old equipment back. Turns out, I have to pay to get equipment that actually works. Never mind this Genie renders your whole house without TV when it doesn't work.....they SAY they are sorry for the inconvenience but 3 days is the best they can do. I am shopping for cable and I have been a DirectTv customer for over 15 years.

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May 25

Direct TV: If I ran my business your way, I would be out of business in 20 Minutes.
All you want via your voice jail is "pay the bill" how do you want to pay. I have some issues and need to talk to a person that speaks English fluently. Finally after 20 minutes in "voice jail" I was able to get through to a supervisor that was able to handle my simple question. Based on what you charge for your service, I should send you a invoice for my time. Please has someone with authority contact me.
I would appreciate a response 1

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DirectTV sucks  c  ock

May 08 Petersburg, Virginia

I use to have DirectTV but not anymore. I hated this company they are greedy, and the signal would always go out in a rain storm. What good is paying for service if I cannot watch it. Also, some of the channels would be in dispute and these idiots would drops those channels!

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May 02

I am so upset with Direct TV. They have charge me 69.95 for a real time wrestling program. They refuse to take the 69.95 charge off my bill. I know that they can see everything I do and watch on my TV's. My history shows that we have never watched but a few women's movies over the last year. I am cancelling as of March 23, 2015 when the contract ends or before that if I can get out with it not costing me too much. Stay away from Direct TV. I only bought it because I kept getting hit up by their salesman every time I went into Sam's Club. The deal they said they were giving me was not exact as it was presented. Shame on Sam's Club....I will will ignore any salesmen in Sam's and will tell everyone I know about my bad experience with Direct TV.

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Apr 26

I tried to NOT be anonymous, but the Login wouldn't accept city location. I made numerous complaints to Direct TV about the inability to upload 'on demand' services with their bundled provider over a 16 month period. During the first part of this month I did so in writing [2 year contract]. During this period I have been meet with the following: dead silence on the other end of the line or 'you will be charged more if you change the bundler', no response to the letter other than a rebate on this month's bill that averages $3 per month over the length of the contract so far. The are getting dumped on Monday for failure to fulfill their contract. Let them TRY yo collect a penalty. Crappy customer service.

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Apr 25 Washington, District Of Columbia


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Aug 04 Emporia, Virginia

I'm in dispute about this it was someone else bill and they say I will not be refunded lawsuit is coming

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Apr 16

I work for myself and one of my main clients slowed down on work. I called direct tv to see if they could work with me because I have always loved them and been with them since they first came out. I was loyal even when one cloud would pass over and it would interrupt service. I was patient. I called to see if they could give me a month to get money coming back into my business. I am a single mom of two kids as well. They said no pay by this date or it will go into collections. A month later they deducted funds from my acccount without my knowledge and causing more monies lost due to bouncing balance. As a mother of 2 every little bit counts during these times. They are no better than comcast to me - too big for their customers. I remember years ago when they were small I had a similar issue and they let me work it out. Good - bye! direct tv... I thought you were better than the rest. I guess I was wrong... So very sad....

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