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When we switched from Dish to Direct TV, we did so on the basis of a special promotion that promised a low introductory monthly fee and a free Genie HD DVR upgrade that would allow us to record 5 channels at once. However, they installed a standard DVR that can only record 2 channels at once. Direct TV now tells us that since over 2 weeks have passed since signing up, we cannot be upgraded unless... Read more

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I had been a Direct TV customer for years. Then, they messed up my bill, put the charges on someone else's credit card. Of course, the person called to have charges taken off and they shut off my service. They were completely unreasonable and rude. The mistake was all theirs and they were completely disrespectful. I would never use them again. Add comment

My entire experience was exceptional. All the representatives I spoke to were really great. We were so excited about the package that we signed up for especially since we received a really good deal on the sports package. Unfortunately, we found out that our apartment complex wouldn't allow any additional services needed for installation. Sadly, we had to cancel because of this. We will soon be... Read more

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My Name is Darlene Glover I was a Direct TV customer for many years. Last year the service was so bad I left. Why, you may ask, Service and the lack of communication skills. you system for self service rental movies was put in place so customer could order movies for themselves and if you didn't Direct TV would charge you to process this service. The problem was if the self service for movies is... Read more

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If you're not a Direct TV customer make sure you don't make payments for anyone unless you are willing to take over responsibility for the customer's bills. Your credit card be filed and it will be used to pay any payments the customer can't or will not pay. I made a payment with my card as a favor and my card was used when the customer was not able to pay and wanted out of the contract. My... Read more

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I don't know who thinks it is a good idea to have a customer service person that can't be understood on the telephone. I was so frustrated to have a person try to help me with a hookup that I could not understand what he was telling me. I could not even understand his name even though he told me it several times. I still do not have service and will have to wait several days before someone... Read more

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9 year customer. My son (who roommates with me and brought Directv with him when he moved in 2 yrs. Ago) decided to have genie installed something about a sports pkg. Upgrade. O.K., so now I don't need my service. I let Directv know in Oct. I no longer want their service. Sent me box through post office and I sent Dvr back next day. Then I see Directv has debited my checking account 190.00. ... Read more

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Dishonest company. 2 year contract signed and price raised $30 higher than what was stated. 1st year was $82 and 2nd year was supposed to be right at $100. Now its $130. Called about and was told they raised the price for the service. Ridiculous Aervice interrupted regularly with showers or storms. Remotes are ***. Genie is all they have going. Well I guess AT&T bought them so I guess they at... Read more

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I counted only 79 channels. The rest were duplicates, advertising, religion promoting, and DIRECTV promotions and ads. I regret even ordering the service. They have a special department for complaints and Better Business Bureau disputes. The lady from that office was not embarrassed to tell me that all the preaching, selling, and their own station signals and promotions are channels too. The... Read more

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Direct tv service is a scam. The 2 year contact they stick you with and than any time you change any equipment the 2 years starts over again. I am paying for on demand services but some reason only half my boxes are capable to receive on demand. If want to upgrade I will have to pay more and stay for another 2 years. I hate direct tv and I have spent hours on the phone with there customer service... Read more

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